The Good Samaritan Awards

Celebrating the Heroes around us who saved a life

The Good Samaritan Awards

Heroes are not made in the times of crisis, rather heroes rise in the times of crisis and reveal their true identities.

We have all come across stories of people displaying exemplary character and selflessness to help those in need, especially during a medical emergency. The Gleneagles Hospitals’ “Good Samaritan Award” is an endeavor to recognize and reward such acts of selfless service; and take their service to the greater public – thereby inspiring others to help in times of medical emergencies and need.

All of us have must have seen desperate and emergent situations manifest themselves in our lives. Times when all hope is lost, when no help seems forthcoming and no hand is around to pick us up. And yet somewhere out of the blue, someone reaches out to show unqualified care & attention and helps us pull out of the desperate situation.

Every year – countless people don’t make it out of a medical emergency, for the lack of a Good Samaritan in their lives. We all need a Good Samaritan from time to time, and sometimeswe also need to be a Good Samaritan to someone else in need.

Gleneagles Hospitals, India is proud to present the “Good Samaritan Awards”. A unique award for the lifesavers among us, who have taken charge, with presence of mind and medical emergency response knowledge. These awards are an endeavor to make us a nation and society, that treats the medical emergency of a fellow citizen as his or her own. And is willing to extend the help required to tide over the emergency.

Nominate Someone

If you know someone or have received such help from someone, then please fill in the form and nominate them for the Good Samaritan Award. Undeniably, such acts of selfless service need to be rewarded.

For more details on the Good Samaritan Awards, refer to the FAQs given below:

The Good Samaritan Award will felicitate Good Samaritans in the community to aid the culture of helping people in need. The emergencies could include - accidents, natural calamities, dealing with unforeseen situations etc.
The award ceremony to honor Good Samaritans will be on the 31st of October 2018.
Yes, you can nominate yourself if you have helped someone in a medical emergency. You can also nominate anyone you know who helped someone in a medical emergency and saved their life. For nomination of self/others you must provide sufficient references to support your nomination.
Nominate someone who
  • Has stabilized someone by providing basic life support treatment during a medical emergency
  • Co-ordinated swift evacuation in a critical emergency
  • Had donated blood in a emergency situation to save a life which required critical blood donors, or rendered any kind of unusual support in a medical emergency
  • Took care of a person under critical emergency condition, till family help arrived.
No, one cannot nominate himself/herself for the award. For nomination of family members, you must provide sufficient references to support your nomination.
Each nomination will be carefully studied by our research team for factual accuracy, corroborating witnesses, and impact. A final list of nominations will be presented to an esteemed jury which will select the final awards.

Material facts – date, place, time, emergency, help provided. References and witnesses related to the incident. Impact of the help and the outcome. Additional, details may be sought by the research team, if required.

An esteemed panel of jury members, comprising of prominent citizens from various walks of life will be empaneled. Their selection and decision will be deemed final and binding on all.
Three people with the most heartfelt stories will be felicitated, all deserving nominations will get an award certificate as well.
The nominations are currently open and will remain open until 28th Oct 2018.
Send in a mail to or fill in our online form.
  • Good Samaritan Award is open to public as well as the staff
  • One person may nominate 3 Good Samaritan
  • Only submissions made using the official submission form by the deadline will be accepted
  • Only the top 3 shortlisted Good Samaritan by the Jury will be given the award
The Award for the Good Samaritan will include - a citation, a trophy and a cash award of Rs. 20,000.